Welcome to the annual LexisNexis Hackathon 2018

An event for all internal LexisNexis employees and students from colleges in the triangle area.

October 11  2018
  • October 12  2018 October 13  2018

Hello! Welcome to the information site for the annual LexisNexis Hackathon, an event organized by the LexisNexis technology team.

This event is open to all LexisNexis staff, technical and non-technical, including and not limited to, software engineers/programmers, QA engineers, UI, UX, database, DevOps engineers, product owners and anyone else we left out!

For college students, participation is by invitation only.

To enter the competition, please accept the invitation you should have already received by now. If you haven't received an invitation please send a note to hackathon@lexisnexis.com with the subject line - Register for the LexisNexis Hackathon 2018.


Winners - selected by our esteemed panel of judges

Runners up - selected by our esteemed panel of judges

Second runners up - selected by our esteemed panel of judges

People's choice award - voted by the audience

Every participant gets a super cool LexisNexis hackathon T-shirt!


Jeff Pfeifer - Vice President, Product Management & Raleigh Site Lead, LexisNexis

Philippe Poignant - CTO, Technology - NARS, LexisNexis

Jason Broughton – Vice President, Technology - User Experience, LexisNexis